CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-August 22, 1987

This week’s Evansville show includes the Memphis debut of Scott Hall, the first use of the tag team name Badd Company, and starts with George Barnes vs. Ed Mattox, then a great Superstar Bill Dundee backstage interview (Dundee is prepared for war against Barnes.), and Superstar Bill Dundee vs. Keith Eric.

Next up is a Tracy Smothers interview (The Wild Eyed Southern Boy is back!), then Tracy Smothers vs. Keith Roberson

Local promo with Brickhouse Brown/Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka

Jerry The King Lawler interview (Russell announces that the Southern Title is held up. The King isn’t happy with the AWA’s decision not to give him the title back.)

AWA World Champion Curt Hennig vs. Jerry The King Lawler (Last minutes of the match from the Mid-South Coliseum on August 11, 1987. In disguise, Brickhouse Brown interferes and costs Lawler the win.)

Brickhouse Brown/Don Bass/Bruno interview (Brick denies costing Lawler the AWA World Title vs. Hennig. This brings out Lawler/Rocky Johnson who are ready to fight Brown/Bass. This leads to the entire Commission coming out to intimidate Lawler. The King has backup in the form of Superstar Bill Dundee/Scott Hall/Travis/Jarrett/Alan West and more. The Nasty Boys come out last and stand in the middle (classic tweener behavior). With all these stars staring each other down, Eddie Marlin comes out and diffuses the impending brawl.)

Soulman Rocky Johnson interview

Soulman Rocky Johnson vs. Buddy James

Superstar Bubba (with Brickhouse/Bruno) vs. Freezer Thompson

Brickhouse Brown/Bubba interview

The legendary Knights of Darkness music video (Thriller theme plays as 3 men in masks stare at the camera. They are to be a part of the Commission and Dave Brown isn’t impressed.)

Scott Hall (Memphis TV debut) vs. “King” Carl Fergie (Bubba/Goliath attack Hall but he fights them off until help arrives.)

Local promo with Nasty Boys (They will be facing Tanaka/Diamond “Badd Company” for the Southern Tag Titles in the upcoming arena shows.)

Clips of Nasty Boys vs. Jarrett/Travis (Diamond/Tanaka try to interfere against Jeff/Travis but the Nastys don’t want help and attack the team of “Prime Time”. Another clip with Nasty Boys vs. Mark Starr/Alan West (The Commission attacks both teams). The third clip has Jarrett/Travis vs. Diamond/Tanaka (The Commision attacks Jarrett/Travis.)

8 Man Tag Match-Billy Travis/Alan West/Mark Starr/John Paul vs. Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka/Goliath/Don Bass (with Brown)

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