CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-August 28, 1988 (Watermelon Angle)

This week’s action includes the end of the watermelon angle, along with the Memphis debut of Cactus Jack (Mick Foley/Mankind) and Jamie Dundee. The show opens with Jeff Jarrett vs. The Assassin in progress. Next the Stud Stable is interviewed before The Rock n’ Roll RPMs (Mike Davis/Tommy Lane) vs. Tommy King/Ken Raper. Interview with Bill Superstar Dundee whose son Jamie will take on Downtown Bruno (Harvey Wippleman).

Local Owensboro, KY promo with Brickhouse Brown

CWA Heavyweight Title match Phil Hickerson (aka PY Chu Hi) vs. Bill Superstar Dundee (ends with interference from the Stud Stable who bloody up Dundee)

Interview with the Stud Stable

Video from the 1987 Austin Idol/Jerry Lawler feud where Wildfire Tommy Rich interfered, followed by Jerry the King Lawler and Wildfire Tommy Rich VTR interviews.

Brickhouse Brown interview includes a video recap of the entire watermelon angle along with a fiery promo.

Local Owensboro, KY promo with Young/Fuller/Sylvia

Jeff Jarrett studio interview (both Dundees come out)

6 Man tag match including The Stud Stable (Golden/Young/Cactus Jack (aka Mick Foley/Mankind) vs. Scott Steiner (aka Big Poppa Pump)/Shaun Baxter/Ray Odyssey

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