CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-August 8, 1987

This week’s Evansville CWA action begins with a George Barnes interview (Barnes calls himself a real Australian and says Dundee is a disgrace to his country.)

Brickhouse Brown interview (Brown has organized his own group called “The Commission” consisting of himself, now calling himself “The Prince,” Tanaka/Diamond/Don Bass. Downtown Bruno confronts Brown about taking Tanaka/Diamond from him. Brick offers Bruno a position with his group and Bruno hesitantly accepts. Brown makes Bruno his shoeshine boy.)

Local promo for Supertour ’87 with Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka

Superstar Bill Dundee interview (Dundee responds to Barnes comments from earlier on the show.)

Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka (with Brickhouse/Bruno) vs. Freezer Thompson/Ed Mattox

George Barnes interview

Soulman Rocky Johnson vs. Rooster Cogburn

Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis vs. Keith Roberson/The Thunderbird

Nasty Boys vs. David Johnson/Freezer Thompson

Local promos with Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis

Mark Starr/Alan West/John Paul vs. Keith Eric/Rough and Ready (with Boss Winters)

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