CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-December 10, 1988

This Evansville broadcast aired just days before the jointly promoted Super Clash III pay per view event in Chicago and begins with Jeff Jarrett/Brian Lee (aka Prime Time) vs. Rough and Ready, followed by a Super Clash III ad with Lee Marshall, and a Stud Stable interview before Sid Vicious (aka Sycho Sid/Lord Humongous) vs. William Freezer Thompson.

Stud Stable interview

Rick Casey (aka Wildcat Wendell Cooley)/Superstar Bill Dundee interview

Keith Eric vs. Wildcat Wendell Cooley

Robert Fuller/Jimmy Golden (with Sylvia) vs. Todd Morton/Scott Steiner (aka Big Poppa Pump) This one turns into a bloody brawl.

Local Evansville promo with the Stud Stable/Dundee/Cooley (Interesting promo by the Stable here as they bring up 1987 (implied Alabama/Continental), presumably when Cooley left the Stable and turned face after a brief heel run with them.)

Super Clash III update with Lee Marshall

Beauty (Terry Simms aka Terrence Garvin)/Beast (Mark Gullen) segment

Beauty/Beast vs. Alan Reynolds/Ken Raper (on the pink mat)

Lance and Dave provide a recap

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