CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-December 16, 1989

Dave Brown gets the show started with Ricky Morton/Todd Morton vs. Keith Eric/Ric Fontana (Boss Winters on commentary), followed by a short Rick/Todd interview, plus a DWB/DWG/Soultaker/Master Of Pain (Mark Calloway aka The Undertaker) local promo. Next Dave interviews Bill Superstar Dundee who introduces a tape of Billy “Joe” Travis attacking Dundee, busting a guitar over Percy Pringle’s (aka Paul Bearer) head, and spanking Toni Adams at the Sportatorium in Dallas. This begins the transition that would be the CWA/USWA “merger” by year’s end. The next match is The Master Of Pain/The Soultaker (with Nate The Rat) vs. Chris Allen/Chris Coral, followed by an interview. Next is Chris Champion vs. Keith Roberson with Jerry The King Lawler on commentary. Dave then shows Dallas footage of Dustin Rhodes (aka Goldust). Next up is a local promo with Bill Superstar Dundee/Dirty Dutch Mantell (aka Zeb Colter). Next, with Lawler still sitting next to Dave, a DWB music video is shown. Lawler confronts King Cobra over his name before The Billion Dollar Babies (Sampson/Stratus) vs. Bill Superstar Dundee/King Cobra. The show ends with a Chris Champion music video.

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