CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-December 20, 1986

This Evansville broadcast includes the beginning of the Lawler/Rich feud that would later feature the infamous hair match between Lawler and Idol in April 1987!

Downtown Bruno, Boy Tony Interview

Tracy Smothers vs. Boy Tony (with Bruno)

Local promo with Jerry Lawler (Talks about his discount furniture store in Evansville, IN.)

Big Bubba/Goliath (with Downtown Bruno) vs. Jim Jamison/Mike Murphy

Local promo with Jerry Lawler (Offers free wrestling tickets to those who buy furniture at his store.)

The Great Kabuki (with Tojo) vs. Ed Mattox

Tojo Yamamoto, Great Kabuki Interview

Tommy Rich Interview (Rich complains that he was promised a World Title shot upon returning to the company, but Lawler seems to get all the shots. Rich points out Lawler has never won any of his World Title matches, while Tommy is a former World Champion. This leads to the Lawler/Rich feud.)

Tommy Rich vs. Keith Eric

Local promo with Jeff Jarrett, Billy Travis

Jeff Jarrett, Billy Travis Music Video

Jeff Jarrett, Billy Travis Interview

Tag Champs Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis vs. The Rock ‘n’ Roll RPM’s (Mike David/Tommy Lane)

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