CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-December 27, 1986

In this Evansville broadcast, the Lawler/Rich feud starts to build momentum, and begins with Jerry Lawler vs. The Golden Terror.

(From the Mid-South Coliseum 12/15/86) International Champ Big Bubba vs. Tommy Rich (Downtown Bruno nails Rich with a foreign object, Lawler comes in to make the save but ends up getting Rich DQ’d in the process.)

(From the Mid-South Coliseum 12/15/86) Jerry Lawler vs. The Great Kabuki (Tommy Rich jumps up on the apron to help the King but Lawler accidentally smashes heads with Wildfire which leads to the King’s defeat.)

VTR: Tommy Rich Interview (Rich blames Lawler for his loss to Bubba and basically belittles the King. Rich is still demanding a World Title shot. Rich calls the King washed up.)

Local promos with Jeff Jarrett, Billy Travis

Downtown Bruno, Big Bubba, Goliath Interview (These three have a match coming up against the Memphis Vice and a mystery partner.)

Big Bubba/Goliath (with Downtown Bruno) vs. Ed Mattox/Dennis Upton

Memphis Vice (Jerry Bryant/Lou Winston) Interview (The Vice admit they have no mystery partner so they handpick a female fan from the crowd named Emily Arthur to be their partner. Bruno returns to ringside and talks about slapping women around. Bruno is looking forward to manhandling Miss Arthur.)

Lance Russell shows pictures of wrestlers who are soon to arrive in Memphis. These pictures include Soul Train Jones and Luna and Loch Vachon.

Jeff Jarrett, Billy Travis Interview

Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis vs. Rough and Ready (with Boss Winters)

The Rock ‘n’ Roll RPM’s (Mike David/Tommy Lane) vs. Tracy Smothers/John Paul

Boy Tony, Downtown Bruno Interview (Boy Tony mocks Smothers’ recent losses and Tracy clears the area with a chair. Tracy promises to strip Falk during an upcoming street fight and calls Tony a fag.)

Local promos with Bruno, Bubba, Goliath

Don Bass, Buddy Wayne, Tarzan Goto, Tojo Yamamoto Interview

Don Bass, Buddy Wayne, Boy Tony, and Tarzan Goto (with Tojo) vs. Paul Diamond, Pat Tanaka, and The Memphis Vice (Jerry Bryant/Lou Winston)

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