CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-February 15, 1986

This full Evansville show has Dave Brown doing commentary alone as Lance is away. Things get going with an Austin Idol video, then we have Abdul Gaddafi vs. Jim Jamison, followed by an interview with The Universal Heartthrob Austin Idol.

Local promo with Dundee/Landel/Mantel

Another Austin Idol music video

Keith Eric vs. Thunderbolt Hamilton

VTR from Jerry Lawler

VTR from the MOD Squad (with JD Costello)

Jerry Garmen/Benny Traylor vs. Nature Boy Buddy Landel/Dirty Dutch Mantel

Dave shows video footage of the beating of Tracy Smothers from last week.

The Fantastics music video

Dave talks about the Battle of the Thunderdome series as Bill Dundee joins him. Dundee says Ric Flair over as the best wrestler (as the NWA champion) before talking about how the Thunderdome would crown the best fighter (which was himself).

Rick Casey music video

Rick Casey/Dirty Rhodes vs. The Undertakers (first fall)

Local promo with Dirty Rhodes/Rick Casey

Dirty Rhodes/Rick Casey vs. The Undertakers (second fall)

Bill Dundee music video (Bad To The Bone)

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