CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-February 22, 1986

This week’s Evansville show begins with Nature Boy Buddy Landel coming out to brag about himself being the only Heartthrob and the master of the Figure Four leg lock. The first match features The Fantastics vs. The Undertakers. Then we have Lance and Dave discuss the Battle of the Thunderdome that is going around the territory and show several wrestlers talking about it. Next up we have local promos with Bill Superstar Dundee, Dirty Dutch Mantel, and Nature Boy Buddy Landel. (Landel is somewhat dismissive of Mantel’s concerns about their upcoming match, hinting at some dissension within their camp.)

The Universal Heartthrob Austin Idol comes out to announce being back in the territory and takes on Tony Falk in a match while Nature Boy Buddy Landel comes out to brag about beating Ric Flair and to push his date contest.

Lance goes over the Wednesday night Evansville card.

The Raider vs. Ken Prince (his debut in the territory)

Nature Boy Buddy Landel vs. Lionel Green (Landel won’t let the Figure Four go after winning the match. Idol comes out with a belt but is attacked by Dundee and Landel who puts Idol in the Figure Four.)

VTR interview with JD Costello and the Mod Squad

Pat Rose vs. Rick Casey

Local promo with The Fantastics/Rick Casey/Dirty Rhodes(great promo by Rhodes)/Austin Idol

Billy Travis/Frank Morrell vs. Dirty Dutch Mantel/Superstar Bill Dundee

The beginning of the March 1 show is shown at the end of this clip.

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