CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-February 28, 1987-Studio Show

This Evansville broadcast begins with a Downtown Bruno/Boy Tony Interview and then goes into a match featuring Jerry Lawler vs. Boy Tony (with Bruno). Goliath/Bubba attack Lawler after the match but the King escapes.

Downtown Bruno Interview (Bruno rips his shirt off and calls out Lawler after the King hits him during the previous match.)

Local promo with Bruno/Bubba/Goliath (Bruno discusses an upcoming Tag Title match vs. Jarrett/Travis. It’s Bruno’s hair vs. the belts.)

VTR Interview with Nick Bockwinkel (Bockwinkel has cut his ties with Lawler and will be facing Soul Train Jones)

VTR Interview with Austin Idol (Idol discusses The King’s lack of friends as everyone keeps turning on him. This week’s Evansville card will feature Idol/Rich vs. Lawler/Bam Bam Bigelow)

Don Bass/The Hunter (with Bambi) vs. Pat Tanaka/Alan West

Alan West Interview

Lou Winston Interview-His partner Jerry Bryant is under the weather (possible early symptoms of Lou Gehrig’s disease?) so Lou picks a new partner for today’s program, Soul Train Jones

Lou Winston/Soul Train Jones vs. The Medics

Big Bubba/Goliath (with Bruno) vs. Robert Bryant/Randy Bryant

Supertour ’87 Promo

Local promo with Jarrett/Travis/Soul Train Jones/Jerry Lawler

Tarzan Goto/Shima (with Tojo) vs. Soul Train Jones/Ed Mattox

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