CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-February 7, 1987-Studio Show

This Evansville broadcast kicks off with an interview with Downtown Bruno and the Downtown Connection, then Big Bubba/Goliath/Boy Tony (with Bruno) vs. Jerry Garmen/Bennie Trailer/Jim Jamison.

Clip of Downtown Bruno vs. Emily Arthur (Boxing Match from Mid-South Coliseum)

Local promo with Downtown Bruno/Bubba/Goliath, VTR from Austin Idol

Clip from Mid-South Coliseum-Jarrett/Travis win the tag belts and are attacked by Goliath/Bubba

Guy Coffee congratulates Dave Brown and Lance Russell on 20 years of doing commentary together. Randy Hales presents them with a cake.

Southern tag champs Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis vs. Keith Roberson/Tony Burton (Big Bubba/Goliath attack the champs with chains)

International Champ Soul Train Jones vs. Keith Eric

The Hunter (with Bambi) vs. John Paul

Lance Russell interviews Jerry Lawler via telephone

Local promo with Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis

Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka vs. Tarzan Goto/Larry Wright (with Tojo)

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