CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-February 8, 1986

This week’s Evansville version of Championship Wrestling kicks off with Nature Boy Buddy Landel vs. Lionel Green followed by a Landel interview where he hypes his date contest and his recent exploits against Dirty Rhodes. Next up is a local promo with Dundee/Mantel, along with Bobby Fuqua vs. Abdul Gaddafi. Then we see a video sent in by a new tag team in the territory, JD Costello’s MOD Squad (Spike/Basher).

Lance advertises the upcoming Battle of the Thunder Dome

The Fantastics (Tommy Rogers/Bobby Fulton) vs. The Undertakers

Jerry The King Lawler-Wrestling’s Royalty-Volume 1 video tape ad

The Fantastics interview about their date contest is interrupted by Dundee and Gaddafi

Superstar Bill Dundee/Dirty Dutch Mantel vs. Dirty Rhodes/Tracy Smothers

Local promo with Dirty Rhodes/Rick Casey

Back from the break, Tracy Smothers is still being attacked and ends up being stretchered out of the studio.

Larry “Thunderbolt” Hamilton vs. David Haskins

Frank Morrell (The Spoiler) says he’ll mentor Billy Travis as he wrestles in the area. Tony Falk and Pat Rose come out and insult them.

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