CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-Full Show-December 19, 1987

I’m missing the Dec. 12 show, so this week’s Championship Wrestling action is from the Dec. 19 Evansville broadcast. Things get going with Manny Fernandez vs. Mr. Class followed by a Manny Fernandez interview (The Raging Bull talks about an upcoming Battle Royal where the wrestlers pay an entry fee equal to their weight.), along with a Mark Guleen/Teijo Khan VTR interview.

Jeff Jarrett (Jeff talks about wrestling both Lawler/Hennig in the same night. Jarrett lost both matches but said he will never forget the competition.)

Jeff Jarrett/Nasty Boys vs. Keith Roberson/The Executioners (with Nate the Rat)

Nasty Boys interview (The Nasty Boys are upset after being doublecrossed by their friends the Midnight Rockers because they took Mark Guleen’s money. Guleen and the Rockers come out and get into a shoving match that is broken up and the Nasty Boys are ushered to the back. Shawn Michaels then shows off the money he’s been given and does some nice heel mic work.

Jimmy Jack Funk vs. David Wilson

Jimmy Jack Funk interview

Randy Hales VTR interview with Bill Dundee who has opened a wrestling school. Dundee shows off his school and says he’s wants to give back to the sport.

Bill Dundee interview (Mark Guleen confronts Dundee. Guleen challenges Dundee to take on Teijo Khan)

Bill Dundee vs. Teijo Khan (with Mark Guleen) (Guleen distracts Dundee to allow Khan to choke out the Superstar. Hector Guerrero comes out and breaks up Teijo from attacking Dundee, then Hector attacks Dundee)

Hector Guerrero interview

Hector Guerrero vs. Ken Raper

Bill Dundee interview

Southern Tag Champions Midnight Rockers (Shawn Michaels/Marty Jannetty with Mark Guleen) vs. Billy Travis/John Paul

Sawyer Brown VTR interview (The music group is sponsoring a new to the area tag team, the Bruise Brothers, Ron and Don Harris.)

Bruise Brothers interview

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