CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-Full Show-December 5, 1987

As Lance says, “we’re ready to go with another big day of Championship Wrestling!” Things get started with a Hector Guerrero interview (Hector rips the U.S. in song.), followed by a William “Freezer” Thompson interview (Lance tries to interview Freezer but he is interrupted and challenged by Jimmy Jack Funk, who then wrestles him, and then there is a Jimmy Jack Funk interview (Funk/Keirn are out to get Jarrett/Lawler). Other action includes a local Evansville promo Hector Guerrero/Manny Fernandez, along with a Jerry Lawler/Jeff Jarrett interview, and the Rock n’ Roll RPMs vs. Jerry The King Lawler/Jeff Jarrett (Jimmy Jack Funk interferes).

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Local Evansville promo with Steve Keirn/Jimmy Jack Funk

Hector Guerrero interview (Hector/Manny will be meeting Dundee/Travis soon so Hector puts down the duo, which brings out Travis who challenges Hector to a match.)

Hector Guerrero vs. Billy Travis (This is an impromptu match with no referee. Hector eventually whacks Billy with a chair and then strips him down to his underwear. The Nasty Boys make the save.)

Midnight Rockers (Shawn Michaels/Marty Jannetty) vs. The Executioners (with Nate the Rat)

Mark Guleen VTR interview (This is Guleen’s second Teijo Khan promo. Teijo jumps up out of a pond and runs a sprint. Guleen also talks up a new African wrestler, Yomaba.

Midnight Rockers interview (Shawn Michaels says he loves the fans but if they don’t like him that’s fine too. The Rockers are gonna do what they want to do.)

Local Evansville promo with Billy Travis/Bill Superstar Dundee

Nasty Boys vs. Bobby Jaggers/Carl Fergie (with Nate the Rat/Brickhouse Brown)

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