CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-Full Show-January 11, 1986

This complete Evansville broadcast starts with Rick Casey vs. Benny Trailer, followed by Rick Casey/Fantastics/Koko Ware interviews, and a Jerry Lawler Music Video (Lawler’s self performed “World’s Greatest Wrestler”).

Nature Boy Buddy Landel vs. David Haskins (This is Landel’s return to Memphis after being fired by Dusty in Jim Crockett Promotions); Buddy Landell interview

The Bladerunners (Steve Borden aka Sting and Jim Hellwig aka Dingo/Ultimate Warrior) vs. David Johnson/Jim Jamison

Steve Keirn interview (challenges Dundee to a loser leaves town match)

Tony Falk/Dutch Mantel interview (Falk mentions his “resemblance” to Ric Flair, Mantel promises Falk will have his first win today); The Fantastics vs. Dutch Mantel/Tony Falk

Bill Dundee/Dutch Mantel Interview; Bill Dundee throws a party at ringside with all the heels, celebrating his victory over Jerry Lawler, which not only got Bill the title, but also “ended” the King’s career in Memphis. Being the shorter Evansville version of the show, the actual match highlights are not included here.

Southern Champ Bill Superstar Dundee vs. Jerry Garmen (Big Red Reese makes a surprise Memphis return, attacking Dundee and Mantel)

Tony Falk makes another open challenge in hopes of finally winning a match. Rick Casey accepts; Rick Casey vs. Tony Falk

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