CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-Full Show-January 18, 1986

I’m going back and uploading all of my previously unposted 1986 Evansville broadcasts, then I’ll pick back up with ’87. The show opens with a Superstar Bill Dundee interview with video/commentary of his recent match with the late Big Red Reese (check out the angry fan from 3:55-4:00), then Randy Hales (while suffering a bad hair day) conducts a local promo with Steve Keirn. The first match is Billy Travis vs. The Invader.

Next are highlights and the ending of The Bladerunners (Steve Borden (Sting)/James (Jim) Hellwig (Dingo Warrior/Ultimate Warrior)) vs. Billy Travis/Phil Hickerson (The Spoiler attacks the Bladerunners.)

Austin Idol music video

Dirty Rhodes/Tojo Yamamoto vs. The Raiders

Interview with the Fantastics about their date contest

Interview with Buddy Landel who announces his own date contest

Dirty Dutch Mantel vs. Kevin McQueen

Nature Boy Buddy Landel vs. David Johnson

Local promo with Bill Superstar Dundee/Nature Boy Buddy Landel/Dirty Dutch Mantel

8 Man Tag Match-The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton/Tommy Rogers)/Rick Casey/Koko Ware vs. Tony Falk/Pat Rose/The Sheepherders (Rip Morgan/Taras Bulba)

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