CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-Full Show-July 2, 1988

In the next Evansville show that I have, action kicks off with a Maxx Payne interview, followed by Brickhouse Brown vs. Tommy King, along with a Gorgeous Gary Young/Brickhouse Brown promo. Next up is Keith Eric/Randy Foster vs. Billy Travis/Scott Steiner (aka Big Poppa Pump), followed by a Tojo Yamamoto/Emily Arthur interview and catfight with Sylvia. Singing Cowboy Don Bass/Gorgeous Gary Young/Phil Hickerson (with Downtown Bruno) vs. Tom Brandi/Doug Dancin/David Johnson. Lance gives a video recap of Robert Fuller’s antics, followed by Randy Hales interview with Jeff Jarrett’s doctor about his injuries. Next we see a Jeff Jarrett studio interview (sporting a cast) who is attacked (along with his father Jerry Jarrett) by the entire Stud Stable. There is also a local promo with Maxx Payne, followed by an emotional Jerry Jarrett studio interview that ends in Lance getting shoved on the floor and Jarrett attacked by Fuller and Co. The next match is Great Senshe/Shaun Baxter (with Tojo)vs. Bob Holly (aka Hardcore Holly)/Pat Rose (with Brother Ernest), followed by an Eddie Marlin card change announcement.

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