CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-Full Show-June 11, 1988

This week’s action begins with Sean Baxter (Huge hair!) vs. The Blue Knight, followed by an introduction of the Stud Stable, along with Brickhouse Brown vs. Tommy King. Next is a Curt Hennig music video, followed by highlights of the Mid-South Coliseum match between Bill Superstar Dundee and Brickhouse Brown where Maxx Payne was involved.

The next match is Tom Brandi/Maxx Payne vs. Don Bass/Gary Young (with Robert Fuller/Sylvia). Interference by Brickhouse Brown and Sean Baxter with the save.

Curt Hennig (aka Mr. Perfect) attacks a representative of Covington Pike Toyota and then grabs Lance and calls out Jerry The King Lawler who is ambushed by the Stud Stable and kicked in the groin by Hennig. This is a wild segment for sure!

Interview with Tojo Yamamoto/Jeff Jarrett/Great Senshe (interrupted by an upset Eddie Marlin who says there is no way Hennig can beat Lawler) followed by Jarrett/Senshe vs. Rough and Ready. (First Fall)

Robert Fuller/Sylvia come out and introduce Downtown Bruno as part of his stable.

Jarrett/Senshe vs. Rough and Ready (Second Fall)

Backstage interview with Jerry Lawler who is nursing his groin injury but is defiant towards Curt Hennig. This is followed by a Jerry Lawler music video.

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