CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-Full Show-June 21, 1986

The complete Evansville CWA Championship Wrestling broadcast from the June 14, 1986 taping that was aired there on June 21, 1986. This is week two of the Fire (Don Bass) and Flame (Dirty Rhodes) era (in an 8 man tag match here) and week one of the Rough and Ready era (first called The Dirty Black Boys).

The Beach Boys (Van Horn/Stewart) vs. The Nightmares (Davis/Wayne)

Dutch Mantel/Buddy Landell vs. Keith Eric/The Inferno

The Mod Squad (Basher/Spike), Fire (Bass) and Flame (Rhodes) vs. Jerry Garvin, Benny Trailer, David Haskins, and Jim Jameson

Giant Hillbilly/Jerry Lawler vs. The Strong Machine/Abdul Gadaffi

(Handicap Match) Joe Leduc vs. Henry Rutledge/Mike Murphy

Paul Diamond/Mr. Liberty vs. The Dirty Black Boys

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