CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-Full Show-June 4, 1988

This week’s Evansville show begins with a Tojo Yamamoto interview about the Great Senshe who has a match against Alan Reynolds, followed by a Tennessee Stud Robert Fuller/Sylvia interview where he introduces his Stud Stable-Gorgeous Jimmy Golden and Gorgeous Gary Young. He tries to recruit the Great Senshe and insults Tojo. Next we see Fuller/Golden vs. Ron and Don Harris. The next match is Keith Eric vs. Jeff Jarrett followed by a Jeff Jarrett interview where he is attacked by Fuller/Golden.

Next up is a VTR interview with Maxx Payne and a studio interview with Maxx Payne who is attacked by Brickhouse Brown.

The next action is Doug Dancing/Tommy King vs. Cubans (with Brickhouse).

Local Evansville promo with Jerry The King Lawler.

Gorgeous Gary Young/Singing Cowboy Don Bass (with Boss Winters) vs. Billy Travis/Scott Steiner(aka Big Poppa Pump)

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