CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-Full Show-March 26, 1988

This week’s Evansville version of Championship Wrestling has Randy Hales on commentary with Lance Russell. Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert comes out with Missy Hyatt and berates Jerry Lawler. Action gets underway with Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert vs. Ken Raper (Gilbert gets counted out after attacking Randy Hales and throwing fire on him.)

Local promo with Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert/Missy Hyatt

Interview with Tommy Gilbert/Doug Gilbert before their match vs. Alan Reynolds/William Freezer Thompson. Missy Hyatt is now doing the commentary with Lance. After the match, Eddie Marlin/Jeff Jarrett come out and (temporarily) run Missy and the Gilberts off.

Next up is week 2 of Brother Ernest Angel’s Quiet Time. Bro. Ernest reads the letter of the week and plugs Wrestling USA.

Maxx Payne/Gorgeous Gary Young vs. Rick Fontana/William Freezer Thompson followed by an interview with Bro. Ernest Angel/Maxx Payne/Gorgeous Gary Young

Interview with Nightmare Ken Wayne/Billy Travis/Bruise Brothers (Ron/Don)

Brickhouse Brown/Big Bad Jim vs. Rodney Napper/Doug Dansing

Local promo with Jerry The King Lawler

Lance goes over the Renegades Rampage trivia question for the week and last week’s winner.

Nightmare Ken Wayne/Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis vs. Larry Wright/The Blue Knight/Keith Eric

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