CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-Full Show-May 21, 1988

This Evansville show is hijacked by the Tennessee Stud Robert Fuller, who interferes almost constantly. Lance Russell slips up and says the truth about the AWA World Heavyweight Title being little more than a regional title. The broadcast begins with highlights from the title match, a locker room interview with Lawler, a studio interview with Lawler, a Lawler music video clip, a Jeff Jarrett interview, then Jeff Jarrett vs. Keith Eric. Next is a Brickhouse Brown interview (plus clip from locker room after the Lawler/Hennig title match).

Cuban Choirboys/Assassins (with Brickhouse Brown) vs. Scott Steiner (aka Big Poppa Pump)/Tom Brandi.

Gorgeous Gary Young interview

Harris Brothers (Don/Ron aka Bruise Brothers) vs. Phil Hickerson/Don Bass

Renegades Rampage Trivia Contest

Backstage interview with Billy Travis

Robert Fuller vs. Billy Travis (never happens due to Jeff Jarrett interference)

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