CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-Full Show-November 21, 1987

This week’s Championship Wrestling action (Evansville broadcast) takes off with a Hector Guerrero/Manny Fernandez interview (They belittle the U.S., then Hector brings out some jalapenos and salsa which he and Manny snack on, even giving some to the crowd and Lance Russell.)

Hector Guerrero/Manny Fernandez vs. Ken Raper/Jim Jamison

Local promo with Brickhouse/Bass/Fergie (they will be meeting Badd Company/Big Bubba in a loser leaves town match)

Bill Superstar Dundee interview (Dundee tells the Mexican Connection to love it or leave it.)

Bill Superstar Dundee vs. Keith Eric

Hector Guerrero/Manny Fernandez confront Dundee about his earlier comments. The Mexicans want to argue about who won the Alamo, Dundee isn’t interested in politics, just wrestling. As Dundee goes to leave Hector throws the spicy chili in Dundee’s eyes.)

Midnight Rockers (Shawn Michaels/Marty Jannetty) interview (The Rockers will now meet the RPMs for their Lincoln Continental.)

Lance Russell interviews the Rock n’ Roll RPM’s in the parking lot with their Lincoln Continental.

Jeff Jarrett poster ad

Jimmy Jack Funk interview (Funk has the Mid-America title despite losing it to Jarrett.)

Jimmy Jack Funk vs. John Paul

Jeff Jarrett/Eddie Marlin interview (Marlin asks Jimmy Jack Funk to come out and return the Mid-America belt to Jarrett or suffer a suspension. Funk comes out to confront them. When Eddie asks for the belt, Jimmy Jack clobbers Marlin with the title belt then hangs Jeff with a noose upside down in the corner.

Hangman Bobby Jaggers (with Nathaniel Whitlock aka Nate the Rat) vs. Freezer Thompson

Local promo with Paul Diamond (Diamond will be part of the upcoming 6-man tag loser leaves town match.)

8 Man Tag Match featuring the Midnight Rockers/Badd Company vs. Keith Roberson/Blue Knight/The Executioners (with Nate the Rat) (Randy Hales gives an update on the condition of Bill Dundee and Jeff Jarrett)

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