CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-Full Show-October 10, 1987

This week’s Evansville broadcast of Championship Wrestling gets underway with a Hangman Bobby Jaggers interview, who uses some P.S. Michael Hayes lines, talks about Shoo-baby like he’s Dirty Dutch Mantel, then runs Dave Brown off and does commentary for the opening bout-Badd Company (Tanaka/Diamond) vs. John Paul/Ed Mattox (Jaggers attacks Maddox and Paul post-match. Look for the vicious short-arm clothesline.). Next up is a local Evansville promo with Badd Company/Brickhouse Brown. Then they play some incredible footage of a wild brawl in the Evansville Coliseum dressing room, which includes Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee vs. Don Bass/Carl Fergie/Brickhouse Brown (Randy Hales even gets beat down!)

VTR interview with Brickhouse Brown/Carl Fergie/Don Bass (The trio responds to the recent brawl with Lawler/Dundee.)

Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee vs. Rough and Ready (After the squash match quickly ends, Boss Winters gets pulled into the ring by Lawler, who no sells several kicks to his back. Dundee takes Winters’ hat, gives it a big elbow, and sends it sailing like a Frisbee.)

Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee music video (I’m Bad)

Lance Russell introduces the new Jeff Jarrett poster.

Local Evansville promo with Jeff Jarrett/Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee (The duo will meet Fergie/Bass in a falls count anywhere match after what happened last week in Evansville.)

Southern Tag Champions The Rock n’ Roll RPM’s vs. The Nasty Boys (With the referee out, Jaggers helps the RPM’s lay out the Nasty Boys. Jeff Jarrett then comes out and aids the Nasty Boys in regaining the straps.)

Billy Travis vs. Keith Eric

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