CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-Full Show-October 17, 1987

This complete Evansville taping of Championship Wrestling kicks off with a Rock n’ Roll RPMs interview (They are more interested in the AWA World tag titles than the Southern belts), followed by a Tracy Smothers interview (Tracy mentions that his partner Steve Armstrong was recently injured and will be out a while), along with
Tracy Smothers vs. Keith Eric (The RPMs complain throughout the whole match).

Local Evansville promo with Brickhouse Brown/Don Bass/Carl Fergie (They have a 6-man coming up as the odds are now even, as Lawler/Dundee recruited Steve Keirn)

Hangman Bobby Jaggers vs. Ed Mattox, followed by a Bobby Jaggers interview

Fabulous Ones music video (The Boys Are Back In Town)

Rock n’ Roll RPMs interview (They are still fit to be tied)

Carl Fergie/Don Bass (with Brickhouse) vs. Freezer Thompson/John Paul (Thompson’s tights get pulled down a little too far and he gets pinned shortly afterwards)

Jerry The King Lawler Lawler/Bill Superstar Dundee music video (I’m Bad)

AWA World Heavyweight Champion Curt Hennig vs. Jeff Jarrett (Highlights from the Mid-South Coliseum set to music-October 5, 1987)

Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis vs. Rough and Ready (with Boss Winters)

The RPMs, still at ringside, have a confrontation with Travis/Jarrett after the match.

Local Evansville promo with Jerry The King Lawler/Bill Superstar Dundee/Fabulous One Steve Keirn

Title Match-Southern Tag Champs The Nasty Boys vs. The Rock n’ Roll RPMs

Rock n’ Roll RPMs are again confronted by Jarrett/Travis for a fight.

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