CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-Full Show-October 3, 1987

Today’s Championship Wrestling action begins with the Wild Eyed Southern Boys (Tracy Smothers/Steve Armstrong) vs. Rough and Ready (with Boss Winters), followed by a Wild Eyed Southern Boys interview. Next up is Paul Diamond (with Tanaka) vs. Greg Jones/David Wilson (Scheduled as a tag match.), along with a Badd Company (Diamond/Tanaka) interview.

Local Evansville promo VTR from Rock n’ Roll RPMs

Jerry The King Lawler/Bill Superstar Dundee Interview

Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee vs. Keith Roberson/Keith Eric

Brickhouse Brown interview (Brown is out with his Commission. They challenge Lawler/Dundee to a 7 on 2 fight.)

Don Bass/Carl Fergie (with The Commission) vs. Freezer Thompson/Ed Mattox

Curt Hennig music video (Eye of the Tiger)

Nasty Boys interview (The Nastys want the Southern Titles back from the RPMs.)

Mid-American Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Blue Knight (with Boss Winters)

Big Bubba interview (Bubba challenges Rocky Soulman Johnson to a dance contest rematch.)

Billy Travis/Nasty Boys vs. Big Bubba/Rock n’ Roll RPMs (Tommy Lane/Mike Davis) with Brickhouse)

Local Evansville promo VTR from Jeff Jarrett (Jarrett has an upcoming match against Curt Hennig for the AWA World Title)/Bill Superstar Dundee

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