CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-January 4, 1986

The first Evansville broadcast of 1986 includes: Rick Casey Music Video; Rick Casey vs. The Invader

Dutch Mantel/Superstar Bill Dundee interviews; Dutch Mantel vs. Jim Jamison

Fantastics music video; Pat Rose talks with Lance Russell; Fantastics vs. The Spoiler (Frank Morrell)/Pat Rose

Tracy Smothers/Billy Travis vs. Lou Winston/Masked Jobber (referred to as The Invader)

Tony Falk interview; Jerry Lawler vs. Tony Falk

Jerry Lawler Music Video/Jerry Lawler VHS tape ad

Jerry Lawler interview (Lawler offers to put his title and job on the line vs. Bill Dundee and his wife’s hair)

Fantastics/Rick Casey interviews

Bill Dundee vs. David Johnson

Bill Dundee Music Video/interview (Dundee responds to Lawler’s offer)

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