CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-January 7, 1989

By popular demand, I’m back with more Championship Wrestling action! This is the 60 min. Evansville, IN taped version that aired one week after the 90 min. show aired live in Memphis. The show starts with a few words from Bill Superstar Dundee and the presentation of the Unified World Heavyweight Championship belt from Randy Hales to Jerry The King Lawler.

The first match is Scott Steiner (aka Big Poppa Pump) vs. Big Yogi (with Boss Winters), followed by a Phil Hickerson (with Downtown Bruno) interview where he explains his transformation into PY Chu Hi.

PY Chu Hi (aka big fat Phil Hickerson) vs. Chris Frazier

Local Evansville promo with Jeff Jarrett and Wildcat Wendell Cooley

Video footage of Dirty Dutch Mantel (aka Zeb Colter) vs. Jerry The King Lawler World Title match from the Mid-South Coliseum

Jerry The King Lawler Interview, with a Dirty Dutch Mantel VTR promo

Bill Superstar Dundee interview (Jeff Jarrett agrees to swap tag team partners with him)

The Stud Stable (Robert Fuller/ Sid Vicious) with Downtown Bruno and Sylvia vs. Alan Reynolds/William Freezer Thompson

Stud Stable interview

Jeff Jarrett vs. Ready; Jeff is accosted by the Stud Stable after the match, bringing out Dundee and Cooley

Local Evansville promo with Beauty (Terry Simms aka Terrence Garvin) and the Beast (Mark Gullen)

Bill Superstar Dundee/Wildcat Wendell Cooley/Tracy Smothers vs. The Singing Cowboy Don Bass/The Grim Reapers

Ricky Morton music video

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