CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-July 11, 1987

This great Evansville broadcast gets underway with a Downtown Bruno interview and a VTR of him at a barn in “Parts Unknown” where he introduces Moondog Spike, Moondog Spot’s “brother”. They howl and brawl in the barn and are ready for Jeff Jarrett/Big Bubba. Next up is a Jarrett/Bubba interview, then Jarrett/Bubba vs. The Thunderbird/Keith Eric.

Local promos with Bruno/The Clones/Diamond/Tanaka

The Clones (Pat Kelly and Mike Kelly) vs. Mark Starr/John Paul (Joined in progress from the Mid-South Coliseum June 29, 1987, The Clones have a wild brawl after the match, repeatedly using a table, guard rail, etc.)

The Clones (with Bruno) vs. Ed Mattox/David Johnson

Brickhouse Brown interview (Brown is wearing a crown he stole from Jerry Lawler. Brown proclaims “the King is dead, long live the black Prince”. Brown mocks the stereotypical “southern black man” during the promo and mentions he hates to disappoint the “hicks and rednecks” but he is not anything like that.)

Brickhouse Brown vs. Ron Nations

Jerry The King Lawler interview (The King is sick of Brown making their feud a racial issue. Lawler says he doesn’t care if Brown is black or white on the outside because he’s yellow on the inside. Lawler mentions that the crown Brown has stolen is the original crown the late Sam Bass gave him when he was first dubbed The King. In 1994, another Sam Bass item given to Lawler (a jacket) would play a big part in a feud with Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert.)

Jerry The King Lawler vs. Keith Roberson (Brickhouse teases returning the crown during the match but snatches it back before Lawler can grab it.)

Superstar Bill Dundee/Soulman Rocky Johnson/George Barnes interview (Barnes has returned to Memphis after quite some time away. Barnes hints a heel turn immediately with his attitude.)

Superstar Bill Dundee/Soulman Rocky Johnson/George Barnes vs. Rooster Cogburn/Mike Rose/Bob Owens

Local promos with Billy Travis/Mark Starr/Soulman Rocky Johnson/Superstar Bill Dundee

The Singing Cowboy Don Bass VTR interview at a lake. (Bass again lip-syncs another Bobby Bare song while claiming he was singing it.)

Don Bass interview (Lance again tells Don he’s a fraud and offers Bass time to sing live on camera but Don declines.) The audio and video freezes for a few seconds here.

Billy Travis/Mark Starr/Alan West vs. Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka/Stretcher Jack Hart (with Bruno)

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