CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-July 18, 1987

This full Evansville studio show has the Memphis debut of the Nasty Boys, Don Bass still refusing to sing live, and the continuation of the Lawler/Brown feud. The broadcast starts with a Brickhouse Brown interview (Brown still has the King’s crown and is also the new AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion after defeating Lawler.) followed by Brickhouse Brown vs. Ed Mattox.

Next up is a Jerry Lawler interview (The King has a return match against Brown where Big Bubba will be the special enforcer and the loser has to shine the winner’s shoes.)

Local promos with Nasty Boys/Bruno/Tanaka/Diamond (Bruno’s team gets a title rematch against Dundee/The Rock in a “Martial Arts” match.)

Highlights of International Tag Champions Pat Tanaka/Paul Diamond (with Bruno) vs. Soulman Rocky Johnson/Superstar Bill Dundee (with George Barnes) from the Mid-South Coliseum on July 6, 1987. (Barnes helps his team win the titles. After the match Barnes wants Dundee to split the tag titles with him rather than Rocky. Barnes/Johnson start a shoving match while Dundee attempts to break it up. Dundee finally calms Rocky who extends his hand to Barnes but George doesn’t return the favor.)

Superstar Bill Dundee/Soulman Rocky Johnson vs. Keith Roberson/Rooster Cogburn (George Barnes does commentary during the match.)

Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka (with Bruno) vs. George Barnes/Randy Bryant (Barnes is upset after his partner loses the match and slaps Bryant. Bill Dundee comes out to pull Barnes off of him.)

Bill Dundee/Rocky Johnson/George Barnes interview (Barnes argues with Dundee about not being his partner. This brings out Johnson who tells Bill he can’t deal with Barnes any longer. Dundee tries to sort things out as the three head to the back.)

Don Bass VTR interview (Standing in front of the statue of W.C. Handy in Memphis, he lip-synchs another Bobby Bare song “Detroit City” while claiming he was the one doing the singing.)

Don Bass interview (Lance again tells Don he’s a fraud, Bass is enraged and promises he is going to beat everyone down in the ring because of what Russell said.)

The Moondogs (Spot/Spike with Bruno) vs. Freezer Thompson/Rudy Diamond

Jeff Jarrett/Big Bubba interview

Jeff Jarrett vs. Phil Hickerson (The Moondogs attack Jarrett, place him in a dog collar and hang him until Big Bubba makes the save.)

Local promos with Big Bubba/Jeff Jarrett/Soulman Rocky Johnson/Superstar Bill Dundee/George Barnes

Nasty Boys interview

Nasty Boys (Brian Knobs/Jerry Sags) vs. Billy Travis/John Paul

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