CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-July 30, 1988

Ho-kay! We’re back with another big week of Championship Wrestling from the studios of WMC-TV 5 in Memphis! This Evansville broadcast starts with the Stud Stable coming out before the first match of Phil Hickerson (aka PY Chu Hi) vs. Alan Reynolds, along with a local Evansville promo with Bill Superstar Dundee and Jeff Jarrett. The Stud Stable is back again looking for Jerry Jarrett who has provided a VTR to be shown to Fuller and Co. Next up is Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis vs. Chuck Casey/Keith Eric, followed by Tennessee Stud Robert Fuller vs. David Johnson (leads to Bunkhouse Brown pulling Fuller off of Johnson).

Gorgeous Gary Young vs. Randy Foster

Local Evansville promo with Robert Fuller/Sylvia

Scott Steiner studio interview and the Stud Stable say they are “stabilized” before the match of Gorgeous Gary Young/Bunkhouse (aka Brickhouse) Brown vs. Scott Steiner (aka Big Poppa Pump)/Shaun Baxter.

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