CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-July 4, 1987

This Independence Day Evansville show has Lance Russell calling everything since Dave Brown is away, and the action begins with Superstar Bill Dundee/Soulman Rocky Johnson vs. Keith Roberson/Rooster Cogburn.

Don Bass VTR interview (Bass (at home) says he took offense to Lance Russell claiming Bass can’t sing. Don then mock sings “Dropkick me Jesus” by Bobby Bare while the song plays in the background.)

Interview with Don Bass (Lance accuses Don of lip syncing but Bass denies it. Russell asks Bass to sing live but Don said he has to save his voice for a concert tonight.)

Local promos with Bruno/Pat Tanaka/Paul Diamond (Now collectively known as “Primetime.”)/Brickhouse Brown

Mid-American Champion Moondog Spot (with Bruno) vs. Ed Mattox

Downtown Bruno interview

The Clones #327 & #328 (Pat Kelly and Mike Kelly with Bruno) vs. Freezer Thompson/Jim Jamison

Jeff Jarrett/Alan West vs. Rough/Rooster Cogburn (with Boss Winters)

Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka (with Bruno) vs. John Paul/Randy Bryant

Randy Hales confronts Bruno about returning Dundee’s $3,200 he won in last week’s Battle Royal. Superstar Bill Dundee comes out and demands his money. Tanaka goes to the back and brings out a briefcase. Once Dundee turns his attention towards Bruno, Tanaka nails the Superstar with a sock loaded with change. Diamond/Tanaka continue to attack Dundee until Soulman Rocky Johnson makes the save. Rocky turns his attention towards Bruno and he too is attacked by Tanaka/Diamond.

Local promos with Jeff Jarrett/Jerry The King Lawler

Jerry The King Lawler vs. Keith Eric

Brickhouse Brown interview (Brown belittles and slaps Keith Eric for losing the previous bout to Lawler. Brickhouse attacks Keith until Jerry The King Lawler returns to ringside. The King runs Brickhouse off momentarily.)

Brickhouse Brown vs. John Paul (Lawler again runs Brown off after the match.)

Superstar Bill Dundee/Soulman Rocky Johnson interview (Dundee/Rocky are bloody and battered from their earlier beating. Dundee announces his old partner George Barnes is returning from Australia to aid them in taking out the Downtown Connection.)

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