CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-June 13, 1987

This great Evansville show features Big Bubba’s not-so-excellent adventure and starts off with a Jerry Lawler interview. (Lawler says Chic Donovan has left the area due to recent injuries from the hand of the King and Dundee. This now means there will be a Southern Tag Title Tournament coming up at the Mid-South Coliseum.)

Billy Travis/Mark Starr vs. Keith Roberson/Jack Hart (with Dangerly) (Dangerly commentates for some of the match.)

Local promos with Downtown Bruno/Moondog Spot (Spot’s hair is on the line vs. Jarrett’s Mid-American Title)/Paul E. Dangerly/Austin Idol (Idol will finally be defending his Southern Title vs. Jerry Lawler. Idol vows to take the King out once and for all.)

Phil Hickerson/Shima/Tojo Interview (Hickerson is back in the territory and is working with Tojo just for the money.)

Mr. Shima/Phil Hickerson (with Tojo) vs. John Paul/Bucky Siegler

Big Bubba VTR interview (Bubba talks about why he missed his TV match last week. Bubba said he was attacked while getting into his car on his way to the show. Apparently Bubba was knocked out and woke up bound and gagged in a cabin south of Hazard, Kentucky. Bubba admits he was scared of the situation, especially after nightfall. Bubba finally escaped and made a long trip to the road where he found help. Bubba takes Randy Hales to the cabin to show him where he was tied up and “left for dead.”

Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka/Downtown Bruno interview (Bruno swears he has nothing to do with Bubba’s kidnapping.)

Jeff Jarrett interview (Jarrett has regained the Mid-American Title from Moondog Spot)

Jeff Jarrett/Bill Dundee vs. Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka

Local promos with Jeff Jarrett/Bill Dundee/Jerry Lawler

Lance Russell advertises the “Mayhem in Memphis” VHS Tape with Lawler vs. Idol in the Hair vs. Hair Cage Match

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