CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-June 20, 1987

This Evansville show takes off with a Downtown Bruno/Moondog Spot interview, then Moondog Spot vs. Bucky Siegler. Next up is a local promo with Austin Idol/Tommy Rich/Paul E. Dangerly, followed by a Jeff Jarrett interview (Jarrett has a rematch with Spot at the upcoming arena shows.)

Stretcher Jack Hart (with Dangerly) vs. Jeff Jarrett (Moondog Spot attacks Jarrett with the bone during the match.)

Clip from the Mid-South Coliseum June 8, 1987-Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee vs. Phil Hickerson/Mr. Shima (First round of the Southern Tag Title Tournament. Brickhouse Brown is working as the referee for this event. Brickhouse DQ’s Lawler for using the kendo stick. Brown shoves Lawler and takes his shirt off in challenging the King.)

Clip from Mid-South Coliseum June 8, 1987-Semi-Finals of Southern Tag Tournament. Jeff Jarrett/Big Bubba vs. Phil Hickerson/Mr. Shima. (Brown refuses to count Jeff’s pin as the time runs out. Brickhouse is told he has to pick a winner so he sides with Hickerson/Shima, hinting a heel turn for Brickhouse.)

Highlights from Mid-South Coliseum June 8, 1987-Southern Champion Austin Idol (with Dangerly) vs. Jerry Lawler (Brickhouse Brown is again the referee and this time lays out the King with a clothesline during the match and leaves the ring before the conclusion of the contest. Eventually, the King comes back and scores the pin as referee Jerry Calhoun enters the ring.)

Brickhouse Brown interview (Brown claims Lawler didn’t win the title because he disqualified Lawler during the match. He also discusses the short tenure he had before in the Memphis territory and how he was released for no reason. Russell informs Brick he has been fired as a referee but Brown disagrees. Randy Hales comes out and confirms Brown has been fired as a referee. Lawler comes out and calls Brown a boy, and Brickhouse isn’t amused.)

Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee vs. Rough and Ready (with Boss Winters)

Tojo Yamamoto/Phil Hickerson interview (Hickerson announces he will be Tojo’s new bodyguard.)

Tony Burton vs. Phil Hickerson (Soulman Rocky Johnson/Shima get involved after the match.)

Local promo with Bill Dundee/Jerry Lawler

Mark Starr/Billy Travis/Big Bubba interview

Mark Starr/Billy Travis/Soulman Rocky Johnson/Big Bubba vs. Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka/Tojo Yamamoto/Mr. Shima (Bubba chases Bruno to the locker room.)

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