CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-June 27, 1987

This week’s Evansville show takes off with a 16-Man $3,200 Battle Royal with Soulman Rocky Johnson, Superstar Bill Dundee, Jeff Jarrett, Billy Travis, Mark Starr, Alan West, Paul Diamond, Pat Tanaka, Phil Hickerson, Moondog Spot, Tojo Yamamoto, Stretcher Jack Hart, Ed Mattox, John Paul, The Thunderbird, and Keith Eric.

Local promo with Downtown Bruno (Bruno has Earthquake Ferris with him, who will be meeting Bubba soon.)/Brickhouse Brown (Brick prepares for his upcoming bout vs. The King.)

Don Bass interview (Don notes he is the “Singing Cowboy” and he’s been away cutting records.)

Southern Champion Jerry The King Lawler vs. Don Bass (Bass wins the title with help from Brickhouse Brown, but referee Jerry Calhoun reverses the decision and the King gets the DQ victory. After the match Bass/Brown attack Lawler. Bill Dundee makes the save.)

Jeff Jarrett interview (Jarrett has a rematch with Moondog Spot coming up. Jeff announces to help equalize the interfering Downtown Connection, Jarrett will have Big Bubba in his corner.)

Jeff Jarrett vs. Keith Roberson

Downtown Bruno/Moondog Spot interview

Mid-American Champion Moondog Spot vs. Jim Jamison

Downtown Bruno/Earthquake Ferris interview (Ferris is in to take out Big Bubba.)

Earthquake Ferris (with Bruno) vs. Ed Mattox (Big Bubba brawls with Ferris after the match. The locker room is unable to break the two men up for several minutes.)

Big Bubba interview (Bubba looks forward to facing Ferris, he even calls him “Buffalo Butt”.)

Local promo with Superstar Bill Dundee/ Soulman Rocky Johnson

Jerry Lawler VTR interview (The King talks about taking on Brickhouse Brown.)

Superstar Bill Dundee/ Soulman Rocky Johnson vs. The Thunderbird/Keith Eric

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