CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-June 7, 1986

This week’s Evansville show kicks off with a new tag team, the Beach Boys (Van Van Horn/John Stewart), in action against Keith Eric/Masked Inferno, followed by a Beach Boys interview, a Memphis Vice interview, and then the Memphis Vice (Jerry Bryant/Lou Winston) vs. Jerry Garmen/Benny Trailer. Next up we have a local promo with Joe Leduc/JD Costello/Mod Squad/Bill Superstar Dundee, followed by an interview with Bill Superstar Dundee about his upcoming barb wire match against Nature Boy Buddy Landel. Up next is Bill Superstar Dundee vs. Tracy Smothers.

The following match is a big 8 man tag bout featuring Joe Leduc/Paul Diamond/Dirty Dutch Mantel/Jeff Jarrett vs. Baron Von Brauner/Pat Rose/Fabulous Danny Fargo/The Hunter. Lance conducts an interview with Joe Leduc/Paul Diamond that turns into a bloody brawl and ends with Diamond’s hair being cut off against his will as he was being held down backstage.

The next match has the Mod Squad (Spike/Basher) going against Billy Travis/David Haskins. we see a backstage interview with Paul Diamond/Jerry The King Lawler/Giant Hillbilly/Nature Boy Buddy Landel. Then the Fabulous Ones (Stan Lane/Steve Keirn) make their return against Abdul Gaddafi/Strong Machine. Lastly there is a local promo with Paul Diamond about his revenge match against Joe Leduc.

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