CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-March 1, 1986

This complete Evansville show begins with a Buddy Landel interview (Landel shows of pictures of him putting Ric Flair in the Figure Four leg lock, and a picture of Landel holding the NWA World Title in the air after the bout. Furthering the point that not only should he be World Champion, but his Figure Four is the best out there, that includes Austin Idol’s “Las Vegas Leg Lock”)

Jerry Jarrett interview (Jarrett announces his retirement)

Local promos with Landel, Dundee (They talk about turning on Dutch Mantel, however this promo airs BEFORE the turn takes place on the actual episode. OOPS!)

JD Costello, MOD Squad interview

Tag Champs Fantastics vs. Benny Traylor/Jerry Garmen

Several wrestlers talk about their thoughts on the upcoming Thunder Dome Matches they will be participating in, interviews include Tony Falk, Bill Dundee, Buddy Landel, Dutch Mantel, Tom Branch, Abdul Gaddafi

Joe LeDuc video (hyping the Thunderdome)

International Champ Rick Casey vs. Dutch Mantel (Joined in progress from the Mid-South Coliseum 2/24/86, Buddy Landel’s interference backfires and he costs Mantel the match. After the bout Dutch and Landel have a heated argument while Dundee enters to break it up.)

Bill Dundee, Buddy Landel interview (Dundee promises things are fine inside their group, but Landel continues to bash Dutch. Mantel arrives and Buddy changes his tune. Lance Russell gets disgusted and replays footage of Landel attempting to attack Dutch from behind at the MSC. This enrages Mantel who attacks Buddy. Dundee tries to break things up but Mantel takes a shot on Bill as well. At this point Landel and Dundee double team Dutch.)

Local promos with the Fantastics, Dutch Mantel

Buddy Landel vs. Billy Travis (Dutch Mantel comes in but Landel escapes)

Dutch Mantel interview (Dutch asks for a Dundee/Landel vs. Mantel/Billy Travis match at the Mid-South Coliseum)
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