CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-March 19, 1988

This week’s fiery Evansville broadcast of Championship Wrestling kicks off with Jerry Jarrett presenting Lance with a plaque for being the best wrestling announcer in the country for the 4th consecutive year, followed by Lance calling Jerry The King Lawler up on the phone, which brings out Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt who hangs up on Lawler and then brags that he’ll beat his competition, Alan Reynolds, faster than Lawler’s record of 22 seconds. He does this with the help of a foreign object in 11 seconds. Video highlights of Eddie Gilbert vs. Steve Keirn. Interview with Tommy Gilbert/Doug Gilbert/Eddie Gilbert before their match vs. Scotty The Body/Doug Dansing. Eddie Gilbert drags Jerry Jarrett into the discussion and then throws a fireball at Jarrett. After the match ends, Eddie Marlin comes out and cuts a heated promo on Tommy Gilbert. Jerry Lawler tries to call in to the show but gets cut off and Lance is finally able to get him back on the line. He says he’s going to be back to fight Eddie Gilbert this week.

Nightmare Ken Wayne/Rikki Nelson vs. Rough and Ready (with Boss Winters)

Dave announces the Renegades Rampage trivia winner and Lance announces this week’s question.

The controversial Brother Ernest Angel is back with his first VTR “Quiet Time” feature, which reminds us about the work of his coalition, his plans for the Wrestling USA complex, and he ends it by asking for donations and for people to put their hands on their TV set and talk to it. You can’t help but notice that the “t” in the name Earnest on the cover of the Good Book is very large and naturally looks like a cross. Dave and Lance have no comment and look none too pleased.

Singing Cowboy Don Bass/Brickhouse Brown/Terry Adonis (with Brother Ernest) vs. The Zebra Warriors/Ken Raper

Maxx Payne/Gorgeous Gary Young (with Brother Ernest) vs. The Bruise Brothers (Don/Ron).

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