CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-March 22, 1986

This Evansville broadcast of Championship Wrestling gets going with Keith Eric vs. Billy Travis followed by a video clip of Frank Morrell training Billy Travis, along with a local promo VTR with Bill Superstar Dundee. Then we have Superstar Bill Dundee/Nature Boy Buddy Landel vs. Jerry Garmen/Benny Trailer.

Jeff Jarrett VTR about why he wants to ref Dundee’s match and why he wants to be a professional wrestler

Joe Leduc vs. David Haskins

Jerry The King Lawler video ad

Interview with JD Costello and the Mod Squad (offers $3,000 worth of gold coins for a title shot with the Fantastics)

The Fantastics vs. Mod Squad (Southern Tag Title Match)

Local promo with Dirty Dutch Mantel

Tony Falk/Pat Rose vs. Paul Diamond/Michael Lee

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