CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-March 25, 1989

Another big week of Championship Wrestling gets underway with a replay of the CWA title change from last week, followed by a Mason Dixon Connection music video, along with the Mason Dixon Connection (Tracy Smothers/John Paul) vs. Delta Force. Next is a local promo with the Mason Dixon Connection, then the Stud Stable (Robert Fuller/Action Jackson) vs. Randy Greenway/Mike Hart

Jed Grundy vs. Mark Somaini

The Master Of Pain (Mark Calloway aka The Undertaker/Punisher) vs. Hal Hooper

Replay of confrontation between Dirty Dutch Mantell (aka Zeb Colter)/Master of Pain/Ronnie P. Gossett IV and Jerry The King Lawler

($20,000 Bounty Match) Jeff Jarrett vs. Brodie Chase

Local Evansville promo (Roger Webb) with Jerry The King Lawler/Dirty Dutch Mantell

Interview with Jeff Jarrett/Mason Dixon Connection/Stud Stable/Dutch Mantell

Frankie The Thumper Lancaster vs. The Shadow

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