CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-March 29, 1986

This classic Evansville CWA broadcast includes the legendary win by Jim Jamison over Tony Falk, as well as Bill Superstar Dundee’s infamous slapping of Lance Russell.

The action begins with Dutch Mantel vs. Keith Eric

Memphis Vice (Lou Winston/Jerry Bryant) vs. Benny Trailer/Jerry Garmen

Local promos

Bill Dundee interview

Dirty Rhodes VTR interview (plays the guitar)

Joe LeDuc interview

Joe LeDuc vs. Henry Rutledge

Billy Travis, Frank Morrell VTR interview

Bill Dundee/Buddy Landel vs. David Haskins/Frank Morrell

Bill Dundee/Buddy Landel interview (Dundee slaps Lance Russell for mentioning their team has lost to Lawler/Mantel in every tag match they have had.)

Billy Travis vs. The Invader

Tony Falk Interview (he’s still looking for his first win)

Tony Falk vs. Jim Jamison

Local promos with Jerry Lawler, Dutch Mantel

Paul Diamond VTR interview (discusses his past drug problems)

The MOD Squad vs. Paul Diamond/Michael Lee

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