CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-March 5, 1988

This Evansville broadcast of Championship Wrestling opens with highlights from Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert’s interferance and fireball against Jerry The King Lawler during his match against Wildfire Tommy Rich in the Mid-South Coliseum, followed by Gilbert’s first interview in the WMC studio since returning to the territory. Gilbert and Missy Hyatt stay behind the announcing table during the match between Great Samu/Giant Kokina and Rikki Nelson/Doug Dansing.

Local promo with Brother Ernest Angel

Back from the break, Missy Hyatt has taken over Dave’s seat next to Lance as he goes over the Renegades Rampage trivia contest.

Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert vs. Nightmare Ken Wayne

Interview with Tommy Gilbert followed by Tommy Gilbert/Doug Gilbert vs. Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis

Local promos with Billy Travis/Jeff Jarrett

AWA Southern Tag Title Match Maxx Payne/Gorgeous Gary Young vs. The Bruise Brothers (Don/Ron) (The outcome of this match is given in the earlier card announcements/promos.)

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