CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-March 8, 1986 (Dutch Mantell/Zeb Colter on Guitar!)

This Evansville broadcast includes the infamous Jeff Jarrett beat down that led to the return of The King, as well as Dutch Mantell/Zeb Colter on guitar! Action starts with Dirty Rhodes vs. Benny Traylor (The ref is Jeff Jarrett)

Local promo with JD Costello and The MOD Squad

Dutch Mantel interview (Sit down interview where Mantel explains his longtime friendship with Dundee, and how Landel came along and got in the Superstar’s ear. Mantel talks about Dundee ending their friendship and changing his personality. This is so good I would believe it as a shoot. Dutch then plays the guitar to end the interview.)

Dutch Mantel vs. Jerry Garmen

Bill Dundee/Buddy Landel vs. David Johnson/Jim Jamison (After the match Landel and Dundee attack referee Jeff Jarrett. Jerry Jarrett runs to his son’s aid, but eventually gets laid out as well. As Dundee and Landel try to take out Jerry’s good eye, Jeff gets a second win and does a nice job fighting the heels off of his father but only momentarily. The heels again lay out Jeff until Dutch Mantel makes the save.)

Jerry Jarrett interview (Jerry tries to speak but can’t stop crying after his son was attacked. Lance Russell walks him off the set.) This takes place just as the following match is getting ready to begin.

The Fantastics vs. Tony Falk/Keith Eric (Lance mentions the Bartlett, TN high school cheerleading squad who are guests of the show and sitting at ringside. They definitely add volume to the show!) This match is interrupted by the Eddie Marlin interview, then resumes.

Eddie Marlin interview (He announces he’s going to try to call and bring Jerry Lawler back to teach Landel and Dundee a lesson.)

Local promos with Dundee, Landel (Dundee’s promo is profanity laced.)

Dutch Mantel interview (During this Interview, Eddie Marlin calls Jerry Lawler over a speaker phone. Eddie asks him to return to get revenge for the Jarrett family. The King accepts! And his 6-month “Loser Leaves Town” contract lasts 6 weeks. Lawler reveals some information about his long relationship with Jerry Jarrett.)

MOD Squad (with Costello) vs. Thunderbolt Hamilton/David Haskins (Their TV debut in the territory)
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