CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-May 10, 1986

This week’s dynamite Evansville version of Championship Wrestling takes off with a replay of the Dirty Dutch Mantel/JD Costello incident from last week, followed by a JD Costello interview (Costello has made major changes to his “Dynasty” plans, including inviting Jerry The King Lawler to join). This is where Lawler shares some Memphis wrestling history, including The Mouth of the South, Jimmy Hart, and Sam Bass. Hilarity ensues after the history lesson.

Local promo with Joe Leduc/Billy Travis

VTR interview with Bill Superstar Dundee and Nature Boy Buddy Landel

Jerry The King Lawler vs. Abdul Gaddafi (with Tony Falk) (Lawler is attacked and fireballed by Costello’s Dynasty)

Mod Squad (Basher/Spike with JD Costello) vs. Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka (Southern Tag Title Match)

Interview with Eddie Marlin, Dirty Dutch Mantel, and Jerry The King Lawler about his new feud with Costello

Billy Travis vs. The Hustler Rip Rogers (International Title Match)

Interview with JD Costello and the Mod Squad

Interview with Bill Superstar Dundee/Nature Boy Buddy Landel (interrupted by a backstage brawl)

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