CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-May 16, 1987

This Evansville broadcast of the studio show features the studio debut of Michael St. John, as he sits in Dave Brown’s chair while Lance Russell is away.

Parade of Stars promo

Downtown Bruno/Pat Tanaka/Paul Diamond interview (Tanaka/Diamond throw their valuable autographs to the crowd.)

International Tag Champs Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka (with Bruno) vs. David Haskins/Ed Mattox

Local promo with Bruno/Tanaka/Diamond/Jack Hart/Paul E. Dangerly (Tanaka/Diamond will be in a cage match)

Moondogs music video

Jeff Jarrett vs. Tony Burton (with Tojo) (After the match Tojo slaps and hits Burton with a kendo stick for losing the match. Burton apologizes and leaves with Yamamoto.)

Soulman Rocky Johnson/Bill Dundee vs. Keith Eric/The Thunderbird

Memphis Wrestling Training School promo

Jack Hart (aka Barry Horowitz, with Paul E. Dangerly) vs. David Johnson

Chic Donovan/Jack Hart vs. Soulman Rocky Johnson/Soul Train Jones joined in progress from the Mid-South Coliseum on April 27, 1987

Paul E. Dangerly/Jack Hart interview (Eddie Marlin fines Chic and Jack Hart $3,000 each for attacking Hales last week. This enrages Hart who attacks both Randy Hales and Eddie Marlin. Jeff Jarrett, Bill Superstar Dundee, and Soulman Rocky Johnson make the save.)

Local promo with Billy Travis/Mark Starr/Bill Superstar Dundee/Soulman Rocky Johnson

Billy Travis/Mark Starr vs. Big Bubba/Goliath (Diamond/Tanaka get involved)

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