CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-May 17, 1986

Today’s Evansville version of Championship Wrestling has Dave Brown announcing solo as Lance Russell has the day off. Action begins with Billy Travis/Jeff Jarrett/Uncle Elmer (aka Plowboy Stan Frazier, Giant Hillbilly, Giant Rebel) vs. Blue Demon/Keith Eric/Masked Patriot, followed by an interview with The Hustler Rip Rogers introducing his new tag team partner, Baron Von Brauner. Next up is The Hustler Rip Rogers/Baron Von Brauner vs. Frank Morrell/David Haskins, along with a local promo with Nature Boy Buddy Landel/Superstar Bill Dundee (Dundee mentions Uncle Elmer’s time in the WWF).

Mod Squad (with JD Costello) vs. Jim Jamison/Don Donovan

Joe Leduc/Dirty Dutch Mantel vs. Tony Falk (still winless in any type of match)/Abdul Gaddafi

Dave interviews Eddie Marlin about the suspension of Jesse Allen in the recent Lawler/Dundee Southern title match. This leads to Frank Morrell transitioning from a wrestler to a referee.

The Hunters (Dale Veasey/ ???) vs. Jerry Garmen/Benny Trailer

Interview with Uncle Elmer

Memphis Vice (Jerry Bryant/Lou Winston) vs. Pat Tanaka/Paul Diamond (Frank Morrell’s first studio match as referee.)

Local promo with Jerry Lawler/VTR from The Universal Heartthrob Austin Idol/Dirty Dutch Mantel

Jerry The King Lawler vs. Nature Boy Buddy Landel (with Bill Superstar Dundee)

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