CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-May 2, 1987

This Evansville CWA studio broadcast gets going with an interview of The Hunter and Bambi (The Hunter talks about Bambi whipping Alan West with a strap.), along with The Hunter (with Bambi) vs. David Haskins.

The Mercenaries (with Paul E. Dangerly) vs. Jerry Garmen/Bennie Trailer

Local promos with The Hunter/Bambi/Bruno/Paul Diamond

Steve Keirn/Mark Starr/Alan West vs. The Thunderbird/Rough and Ready (with Boss Winters)

Local promo with Downtown Bruno

Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis/John Paul vs. Mr. Shima/Mr. Helo/Tojo Yamamoto

Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka vs. Jim Jamison/Ron Nations

Local promo with Billy Travis

Midnight Rockers music video (Shawn Michaels/Marty Jannetty from AWA)

Paul E. Dangerly/Jack Hart/Chic Donovan Interview

Chic Donovan/Jack Hart (with Dangerly) vs. Ed Mattox/Randy Bryant

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