CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-May 24, 1986

This complete Championship Wrestling show (Evansville version) starts rolling with Lance and Dave discussing the upcoming $100,000 Tag Team Tournament in Japan. The first match is Jerry The King Lawler/Giant Hillbilly vs. Keith Eric/Easy Rider followed by a local promo with Jerry Lawler/Giant Hillbilly. Next is an interview with Bill Superstar Dundee and Lance shows the video from Evansville of the Lawler/Idol vs. Dundee/Landel match where Dundee accidentally hit Landel, causing him to lose their chance to go to Japan. Dundee is infuriated and proceeds to beat up on David Haskins in their match. Nature Boy Buddy Landel comes out for an interview after staring Dundee down at the end of that match. Then we see the Mod Squad and Fabulous Danny Fargo (with JD Costello) vs. Mike Murphy/Benny Trailer/Jim Jamison.

Interview with Dirty Dutch Mantel which brings out The Hustler Rip Rogers

The Hunters (Dale Veasey/Bob Brown) vs. David Johnson/Henry Rutledge

Interview with The Hunters

Local promo with JD Costello/Mod Squad

8 Man Tag Team Match with Tony Falk/Abdul Gaddafi/Baron Von Brauner/Pat Rose vs. Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis/Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka

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