CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-May 27, 1989

Dave Brown hosts Championship Wrestling action, beginning with Dirty Dutch Mantell (aka Zeb Colter) vs. Mike Masters, followed by a Dutch Mantell interview which brings out Billy Travis. Next is a local promo with Dirty Dutch Mantell, along with Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis vs. The Hangman/The Grappler.

Jerry The King Lawler VTR about his upcoming return with Austin Idol

PY Chu Hi/Shogun (Hashimoto) vs. Chris Frazier/Alan Reynolds

Stud Stable (Fuller/Lee) interview with Ronnie P. Gossett IV

Sylvia music video (Superfreak)

Action Jackson vs. The Shadow and an Action Jackson interview with his little sister

Local promo with Austin Idol about coming back to team up with Lawler (awesome as usual!)

Wild Side (Chris Champion/Mark Starr) interview before their match vs. Frankie The Thumper Lancaster/Darren Carp

Mason Dixon Connection (Tracy Smothers/John Paul) backstage interview before their match vs. Keith Eric/The Red Devil (turns into a confrontation with The Wild Side)

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