CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-May 30, 1987

This Evansville version of the studio show includes Jerry Lawler’s infamous studio comeback (in drag) against Tommy Rich. FYI, there are lighting problems with this show that I cannot control. The broadcast kicks off with a Downtown Bruno and the Downtown Connection interview (Bruno calls Bubba/Goliath a giant disappointment and calls them an embarrassment. Bruno admits he wants to make this public to humiliate them. Bruno tells them they better win their next match.)

Pat Tanaka/Paul Diamond vs. Jim Jamison/Freezer Thompson (Bruno talks over Lance and Dave throughout the match. “It’s like Momma says, it bees that way sometimes.”)

Jerry Lawler VTR interview from home (Lawler reads a letter that a fan by the name of Gwen Ivey left between his car windshield and one of the wiper blades while he was in a store. The letter instructs Lawler that he has to go back and be the “Old King” in order to win the feud against Idol/Rich. Lawler says the Old King is back.)

Tommy Rich interview (Rich belittles the King and calls Lawler a coward for not showing up at the studio. “The King is thew baby, the King is thew!”)

Tommy Rich vs. John Paul (Before the match can even begin, Jerry Lawler, dressed as a female fan seeking an autograph, attacks Rich and runs him out of the studio.)

Local VTR promo with Austin Idol/Paul E. Dangerly/Tommy Rich

Tojo Yamamoto VTR interview (Tojo belittles his former protégé, Tony Burton. Tojo repeatedly calls Burton and Jeff Jarrett “mentally retarded.”)

Randy Hales interviews Tony Burton/Jeff Jarrett in regards to Burton’s recent split from Yamamoto. (Burton calls Tojo crazy and Jarrett calls Tojo mentally ill, sick, and basically a senile washed up old man.)

AWA’s Larry Nelson announces Jeff Jarrett as the 1986 AWA Rookie of the Year. (When Nelson finishes, he sends it back to “the dean of wrestling broadcasters all over the world…Lance Russell.”)

Jeff Jarrett interview (Lance Russell presents Jarrett with the AWA 1986 Rookie of the Year Award. Jack Hart comes out and demands a Mid-American Title shot vs. Jarrett but due to contractual obligations with the AWA Jeff is unable to defend the belt against Hart. The duo exchange words before Jack leaves ringside.)

Lance Russell interviews Jerry Jarrett about his son winning the Rookie of the Year Award. Jarrett mentions the fact that Hulk Hogan got his name in Memphis and he also discusses the Memphis Wrestling School.

Downtown Bruno/Moondog Spot interview (Bruno confronts Jerry Jarrett as to why Moondog Spot hasn’t received a rematch against Jeff and his Mid-American Title. Bruno and Jerry exchange words until Moondog Spot attacks Jerry with his bone. Jeff Jarrett comes out to make the save but he too is pummeled by Moondog Spot.)

Moondog Spot (with Bruno) vs. Ron Nations (Jeff Jarrett returns to ringside and runs the Moondog from the ring before the matches ending.)

Billy Travis/Mark Starr vs. Big Bubba/Goliath (Bruno spends the entire match belittling Bubba/Goliath.

Diamond/Tanaka attempt to attack Starr/Travis but Diamond accidentally hits Goliath with a chair instead, costing Bruno’s team the fall. Bruno argues with Bubba/Goliath as they head to the back for a break.)

Local promos with Jeff Jarrett/Bill Dundee/Jerry Lawler

Billy Travis/Mark Starr vs. Pat Tanaka/Paul Diamond (Bruno announces he has fired Bubba/Goliath and has Diamond/Tanaka replace them in the tag team match.)

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